Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!


I haven’t been to the farmers market since Caroline was born, which means I’ve missed an entire summer’s worth of incredible fruits and vegetables. And after having some of the best peach pie of my life last weekend, I’m thinking I need to remedy this situation pronto. So that’s my big plan for the weekend… what about you?

Southern shandy - perfect for the dog days of summer.

Maybe along with a slice of peach slab pie (pictured above, obviously).

Pretty new font from Tart Workshop.

Experiments in chocolate chip cookies.

Loving this millinery Pinterest board.

Glittery diamond drusy earrings.

Great use of chalkboards.

These simple baby pics make me think of all our old family albums, which makes me smile.

Caroline really wants this little bear. She told me.

Pretty naked cake from Matchbox Kitchen.

Wallpaper for your nails.


Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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