Nestled in the heart of Georgetown, Hela Spa is every bit an urban hideaway it credits itself to be. Although parking was a challenge, the zen ambiance and friendliness of staff  quickly made up for the lack thereof. What can one expect? Limited parking is part of the package in Georgetown. With nothing too forced or rushed, I was able to immediately relax upon arrival accompanied with gracious smiles and an option of water or herbal tea. A natural skeptic at heart, I couldn’t help but say a prayer hoping any potential extractions would not result in an elevation of skin I have to combat days after the process.

Amber my Heavenly Aesthetician or so I would love to call her, first analyzed my skin type before recommending a series of treatments to restore balance to my skin. The blend of diverse facial massage techniques accompanied by one heavenly application after another, opened the door for a multitude of tranquility. The diverse massage method I later learned boosts cell restoration. The initial cleansing, facial mask and corrective gel, each had a scent more hypnotic than the last and so alluring I have an inward belief such ingredients may not be found in the Western Hemisphere.

Hela Spa, easily four levels above the average day spa, offers an array of services including an extensive conglomeration of facials, peels, microdermabrasions, massages and the like. Upon discovery of massages I had an ’aha moment’. Maybe I uncovered why my aesthetician’s hands made me so rejuvenated and calm, in addition to the blueberry soy, strawberry rhubarb, apricot mask, purifying toner and soothing facial steam. If you wondering why I referred to Amber as ‘my aesthetician’ it simply slipped out. Or Perhaps it’s because I’m a firm believer in her skill that surely must exist in all Hela staff, as this oasis is actually a medical spa. Whatever the true underlying reason, I now proclaim myself to be an official convert from my prior not-so-pleasant experience with a spa further up M Street. Although the last recollection of my spa encounter left a bittersweet taste in my mouth, I’m surprised yet elated, to be introduced to a ‘true spa experience’ nestled in the heart of Georgetown.





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