For Father’s Day

For Father’s Day


Photo from Adam and Caroline’s Yarraville Winter Wedding by Luke Lornie Photography

In honour of Father’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the father-daughter bond that is often so beautifully captured by photographers. And to compliment these, we thought we’d ask one of the patterned people’s dad’s about his own experience of being the father of the bride. Papa Herringbone was kind enough to share his memories of this special day.

“Being the father of the bride I was ready to give my daughter Caroline’s hand in marriage after the groom, Adam, had asked me for my permission some months earlier. Our bags, formal attire and tissues were ready, the wedding day run down sheet safe in my coat pocket, Perth to Melbourne online check in was done and dusted. We were ready.

What we weren’t ready for was the whole sensational wedding day. WOW! I’ve been to a few weddings in my time but this one takes the cake. No wedding pun intended! The formal marriage ceremony was held upstairs over Acqua e Vino  in an intimate, relaxed and romantic setting with good friends, joy and music. The reception was held at Studio Raw Materials, a warehouse from the street view but a wonderful, first class catered for special event venue. There were tears, laughter and dancing. All had a great time!

What a great night, what a great wedding, what a great couple!

I could not be prouder of my daughters wedding day planning, thoughtfulness to family and guests and for her choice of partner. Sure I’m biased but the big day spoke for itself

After a fantastic one off wedding celebration, what of Caroline and Adam’s future?

Bob Dylan wrote

‘Beyond the horizon, in the Springtime or fall

Love waits forever for one and for all’

For Caroline and Adam, whatever is beyond their horizon, I think they’re ready.

Photo from Adam and Caroline’s Yarraville Winter Wedding by Luke Lornie Photography

Photo from Nghi And Chris’s Fun Melbourne Vintage Wedding by Don Barrington Photography

Photo from Henrietta and Chris’ Intimate Byron Bay Wedding by Hannah Millerick

Photo from Bianca and Anthony’s Fairytale Forest Wedding by Richard Grainger.

Photo from Charlene and Jason’s Bright Citrus Sydney Wedding by Matthew Mead Photography

Photo from Juliette and Matt’s Rock And Roll St Kilda Wedding by Eric Ronald

Photo from Alana and Dave’s Black Tie Beach Wedding by David Campbell Photography

Photo from Carlie and Josh’s Rustic Farm Wedding by Michelle Fiona Photography


Thank you to our fathers- the most incredible men we have ever met. Papa Polka- you are the best father a girl could hope for and I thank you for always teaching me to reach for the stars and have grace while doing so.

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