Manicure Monday: Modern Art Nails

Manicure Monday: Modern Art Nails


As the season comes to a close, we accept that our summer glows may start to suffer, but we refuse to let our beauty inspiration dwindle. Yes, we must say goodbye to the seaside strolls that once got our creative juices flowing, but we vow to find inspiration from new indoor sources. Lucky for us, an afternoon at the museum can be an equally inspiring adventure. Beauty and fashion blogger LaVieen May agrees. Check out our take on her DIY Modern Art Nails.



White nail polish 3-5 different nail polish colors Scissors Tape Top Coat


Pick your favorite fall polish colors. We used essie Vested Interest, After School Boy Blazer, The Lace is on, and Cashmere Bathrobe from the new essie Fall 2013 collection. Paint two coats of white polish. Allow the base color to dry completely. Cut thin strips of tape. Be careful not to cut the strips too small or they could tear when you lift them up later. Arrange the strips in different designs on each nail. Paint each exposed section with a color from your assortment. Remove tape carefully. Apply top coat. Allow your work of art to dry.

What other fall manicures are you looking forward to? Let us know below and you could see your idea in an upcoming nail art tutorial!

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