Rachel & Steve’s Brighton engagement shoot

Rachel & Steve’s Brighton engagement shoot


Morning readers!  Up this morning is a gorgeous engagement shoot from Eddie Judd.  Rachel & Steve’s shoot on Brighton Pier is the perfect mix of seaside fun and seaside chic!  You know how much I love a good love story, and these two gorgeous people have one of the best!  You never know what a night out will lead to…

Rachel spills the beans ~

We met on Valentines Day in 2004.  We were both out with groups of friends, and the girls had decided to have a gimmick for the night using chat up lines from a joke pack of Valentines playing cards.  My friend Claire spotted Steve and I suggested she should use one of her cards on him, she declined so I seized the opportunity and marched over to him!  I read out “do you believe in love at first sight or shall I walk past again”. To which Steve answered “yes”.  Our two groups merged at the rest is somewhat history!  Several weddings ensued from that night…. My friend Jackie married the guy she met that night in 2006 and now has a son. Claire met Steve’s friend Dave at my 30th birthday, married him in 2012 and now has a baby girl! Steve’s friend Darren met and married his wife Charlotte and was Steve’s best man at our wedding!

Steve had multiple plans! One involved booking Cley windmill in Norfolk, where he was going to propose with pictures of him hanging from the windmill saying “Rachel. Will. You. Marry. Me. ?.?.?”  Lovely plan. It was however aborted! Plan B (the one that worked

Was I surprised you may ask? Well. Unfortunately for my husband, not a lot gets past me. And days before our weekend away I had been looking for some printer paper in our study and came across a pink folder, in which there were some laminated cards that read “me. Rachel. Marry. You. Will. Etc” when I realised what they were I snapped the file shut and sat and thought about what I had just uncovered. It was nice actually, as I got to think about what my response would be and of course it was yes. I didn’t admit I had found the file until after the proposal

We really want a very personal wedding, and we really like dressing up and a bit of glamour. I also really like James Bond. So once we had selected the grand hotel in Brighton as our venue, the rest followed. Gents in black tie, ladies in evening dresses, sparkles and glitz on the tables and bling in the bouquet! We picked an elegant black & white colour palette with blue touches and picked details to match our venue in Brighton.

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