A Romantic Whitstable Engagement

A Romantic Whitstable Engagement



Let’s have a lovely love story this afternoon.

Heather and David met whilst travelling and have now settled in Australia together. They are planning their Kent summer wedding and decided to have their gorgeous engagement shoot in pretty Whitstable. I so love their cute portraits and the beautiful light.

Thanks so much to Rebecca Douglas for sharing her images with us today.



Heather told me; “David and I originally met in Peru when I had just begun my 10 month around the world trip and he was visiting from Australia. We hung out just as friends and agreed to meet up in Australia when I was visiting in a few months time. He came to pick me up from my cousin’s house to take me out for the evening, to discover that my cousin lived directly opposite his sisters house! It’s a very small ad wonderful world! After spending a few weeks in Australia together, we travelled around Asia and lived in London before moving to Australia last year.”


“Our engagement story started with some bath bombs. It was the weekend before Christmas 2012 and David woke me up with a little gift – which happened to be bath bombs. I was delighted (and surprised as we didn’t have a bath!) to discover that he was taking me away to a spa retreat in the Byron Bay rainforest for the weekend to relax and unwind. It was a beautiful setting and very tranquil with spa baths, couples massages and 3 course breakfasts! I felt very spoilt! After breakfast on the 2nd day, I went back to the room and stood out on the balcony overlooking the rainforest, when David came up behind me. When I turned around he was down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen!

It all took me by surprise and I was in a state of shock, so it did take me a few moments to realise what was happening and to give him my answer- “Of course!”. I think I made him quite nervous by holding him there!”



“We chose Whitstable for the engagement shoot as it is where I grew up and I have a lot of fond memories there. It is a really picturesque town with cute cottages, stunning sunsets and one our loves – great walls! 

The engagement shoot was a lot of fun – it was a really great way of getting used to the camera and making new memories together. We were so lucky with the weather and the amazing sunset and I think Rebecca had a lot of fun letting her creativity shine through! It is a great practise for the big day, with the benefit of having another set of beautiful, fun and informal photos to take home.”



How wonderful, thanks so much for sharing guys XOXO Lou

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