Wedding Photography: Should You Choose Film Over Digital?

Wedding Photography: Should You Choose Film Over Digital?


Just like vinyl record albums are having resurgence so too is traditional film photography for weddings. Adrian Michael, a wedding photographer based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (but relocating in spring 2014 to Victoria, British Columbia) tells us film has long been the favourite choice of photographers. Film captures more detail than digital photographs and the way you can print photographs from taken from film is a more creative and customizable process, according to Michael.

“I learned the art of photography with film and in 2006 I switched to digital because that was the way the industry was going,” Michael shares. “I wanted to stay current but was often frustrated with my photographs because I could never quite get the look I wanted so I’ve switched back to film. Film has has magical element to it. It’s precious and romantic and tangible.”

While the cost of shooting film over digital is a little more, Micheal says it is well worth the investment. Have a conversation with your photographer about film versus digital for your wedding photographs. Chances are because digital is the more popular medium, the option of shooting to film may not come up during your conversation but it’s likely something your wedding photographer would be more than happy to shoot.

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