6 Wedding Cake Design Trends 2014

6 Wedding Cake Design Trends 2014


Designs of wedding cakes progressed time after time, and after year 2013 there already made a lot of design that varies usual designs, And in the upcoming 2014 I 'm sure that will be variety and fresh design ideas and trends. And the pretty and affordable wedding cake designs that will be next 2014 trends are already to be enjoyable.

Here are the 6 Wedding Cake Design Trends 2014 Photography

Jenna Rae Cake is so graceful, pretty and so beautiful cake design for this year and the next 2014, very clean design, big, elegant and so lovely with the flowers in the top of the cake I love this.

The design cake from Orange Turtle Photography is artistic wedding cake design, it's so clean and very unique, the design is different and awesome, the white color combined with pink rose flower is so elegant and magnificent, I believe this design will be favorite in 2014 next year, even this time.

Sweet and Saucy Soupe Photography, this cake design is simple cake stand that is so compact and fabulous, with blue and flowers accessories are natural and it has art on it's body from the letter.

Katelyn James Photography, the design of the cake with romantic colour makes me falling in love, beautiful, fabulous, artful and so graceful I love it so much, the flowers accessories and floral green make it perfect. the best trends in 2014 for you.

Glass Jar Photography, I think it's very unique and use the natural concept of the nature, we can see the design of part of the cake body is wooden theme idea, and also the stand is the tree, very attractive design and trend for 2014.

 Yoo we arrive at the final 2014 wedding cake design and trends and it is Sweet & Saucy Shop, fresh design, unique, and artful, I like this style of the bridal cake, so natural with the kids style letters, and the flowers on the top is so magnificent.
So these are 6 wedding cake designs and trends of 2014 that I selected as the best in the web recently and I mean they might be also trends of this year 2013, And I love them all and happy wedding and be inspired. Thanks.

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