8 Essential Nail Polish Colors Every Woman Should Own

8 Essential Nail Polish Colors Every Woman Should Own


New day, new polish. That’s a motto we can get behind, because we’ll be the first to admit we buy and test out just about every nail polish shade under the sun. But no matter how many bubble gum pinks or rainbow glitters we brush on our nails, there are certain colors that never leave our side.

You can own 15 bottles or 300 (I’m talking to you junkies!), but there are 8 nail polish shades every girl should permanently have in her collection. Here are the hues:

classic nail polish colors


There are times in our lives when we need to wear barely-there hues. It’s those moments when a trusty neutral comes into play. Opaque or translucent, there are endless ways to wear nudes. In the end it’s all about touching your nails with a creamy hint of color. essie’s Like Linen achieves just that and leaves your nails with gorgeous shine!


The most versatile nail color around, it has a rich history of complementing just about any look you could possibly channel. Classic, edgy, vixen…you name it, a vibrant red flatters all skin tones and acts as a trusted best friend (this shade will never let you down). We suggest Dior “Trafalgar” or Giorgio Armani Beauty Nail Lacquer in Teatro to give your nails the right punch of color.


Everyone enjoys a clean slate, so when bright colors aren’t cutting it, take a break with a sleek white. Short or long nails, this is again a universally appealing hue. During cold months when you’re rocking chunky sweaters and dark denim, add a snowy, fresh edge with white nails in NARS Ecume. This stash staple also lends its brush to creating some of your favorite nail designs like this fall modern art manicure.


A close cousin to wearing black polish, a navy is a must for the fall to winter transition. Whether you’re wearing a matte, shimmer, or crème, a navy makes a statement without being too in-your-face. It’s indefinitely luxurious and looks fabulous with your favorite fashion trends. Russian Navy by OPI is our top pick, as it pulls double duty with purple inflections.

Vibrant Pink

Your navy counter part, an electrifying pink never gets old. Pink makes a regular appearance on our nails during spring and summer (and even on our toes during winter). With the right undertones a pink can morph into coral or fuchsia–covering a nice portion of the nail polish spectrum. Our go-to pink is Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Lacquer in Pink Shock. The color is guaranteed to be a showstopper for decades.


No matter what time of year or what type of girl you are, no one can deny the appeal of turquoise. Sure there are vibrant hues to make you swoon, but our favorite is essie’s Turquoise & Caicos. This color reminds us of past decades with a modern feel! We love the creamy finish, how it gives us an escape from pink and purple pastels, and how it makes us feel like true ladies. A light turquoise may just be the shade that changes your life, manicure after manicure.


A combination of grey and beige, the range of colors that fall under greige are breathtaking. They are your creamy autumn hues with hints of mushroom and sage. They’ll flatter your hands, warm your look, and accent a wardrobe of blacks and neutrals.  The cozy color we suggest you stash? essie Don’t Sweater It.


How can a color that’s been around since 600 B.C. not be considered a collection staple? The elegance that a gold nail polish exudes is timeless. The hue lends itself to the seasons, as gold flickers in the sun during days on the beach and rings in the holidays during winter months. With Maybelline Color Show Holographic in Bold Gold your nails will shine and tease the eyes with its hologram effect.

What is your go-to shade? Let us know what a comment below!

Photos: essie, Maybelline, NARS, OPI, Giorgio Armani Beauty

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