A Traditional Jewish Wedding in Italy

A Traditional Jewish Wedding in Italy


I’m feeling so hard done by this morning. The only real life experience I’ve had with Chianti in Italy is the wine I had from that region, and that was purchased at my local spar! We get serious wanderlust at Fly Away Bride, especially when weddings like today’s little beauty find their way into our inboxes and even though I’m currently on a trip around Central America, Australasia and South-East Asia (I know.. how lucky am I really), I can’t help but long for Europe, and Chianti in particular. If I’ve learned anything over the past two months travelling is that I completely took what was at my doorstep for granted. Europe is an incredible place to live, to travel and of course to get married in. The Jewish wedding in Italy of Virginia and Richard is a first for us and it took place just outside of Florence in Villa di Liliano, a cute and typically Italian villa-style venue. Not even the threat of rain could dampen their wonderful ceremony overlooking the Tuscan hills.

Ah! I’ve always wanted to dance the Horah! Looks like all the fun in the world! Congratulations to Richard and Virginia and of course, we can’t say goodbye today with thanking Stefano Santucci for sharing his talanted work with us all! Have a great day!

Photography: Stefano Santucci | Video: Maurizio Boldrini | Wedding Planner: Gaelle from Kasimira | Wedding Villa: Villa di Liliano, Via Liliano a Meoli, Grassina | Bride Villa: Villa Broferio, Via Santa Margherita a Montici, Firenze | Marquee: Preludio | Catering: Guido Guidi | Production: Alma Project | Wine: Franciacorta Corte Bianca | Flowers: Tommaso: La Rosa Canina | Wedding Dress: Yolan Cris | Wedding Shoes: Gucci | Suit: The Kooples | Shoes:  Louis Leeman

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