Wedding Styled Shoot by GazMadu Photography

Wedding Styled Shoot by GazMadu Photography


When you are getting married and are working on a budget, investing in professional pictures could create a huge hole on your wedding budget but there are ways to reduce and save cost without breaking the bank. Just ask your photographer to take the right shots that you need instead of choosing from a pool of random pictures . This would not only save you more but would also save time since the photographer would not have to worry about editing all the pictures including the ones that are not needed. So, what are these MUST-haves that should be included in your wedding album?

GazMadu Photography Wedding styled shoot done recently is a perfect example of Must-Haves in your wedding. This shoot was done at the Reveal Workshop at Four-points in Lagos and was  facilitated by the pro Dotun Ayodeji with bridal wedding dress from the swanky Imani Swank Bridals.  Hear from the horses mouth and learn


“Beautiful shots like this are only accomplished with the help of the Brides. Brides are strongly advised to get ready on time so as to give the the pro photographer  enough time to take stunning pictures at their wedding. Photographers always want to get that ‘perfect shot’ but when the bride is hard to please or running very late, then all other things suffer leaving the photographer in a very difficult position to take the stunning shots”
Lovely shots of the bridal gown is always a picture to behold

If your bridal gown has lovely details, then close up shots like this is very appropriate while dressing up moments are always a huge favorites among brides.

A lot usually goes on in the backroom during bridal preparation so every part is as well important for a good shot but your “making-up shots” is compulsory for that magical transformation of  Before and Afters glow!

Stunning Bridal frontal portraits like this one is always perfect!


Your full wedding gown must be taken.This shots are amazingly beautiful

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