Fola Lawal Photography On Esther and Damola’s Traditional Wedding

Fola Lawal Photography On Esther and Damola’s Traditional Wedding


Couple of days back we opened to you the exciting world of Esther and Oyedamola on how they met ( crushes to real love do come true) and then their merry white wedding! The traditional wedding is even more exciting for us. I love Bride and Grooms who seize the day, moment and occasion to catch their fun , enjoy and be merry! There were so many fun moments for us so we asked  Fola Lawal Photography to tell us his own side of the story while shooting this traditional wedding. Here is what he has to say

Fola Lawal Photography

Shooting Esther and Damola’s wedding was one of the most exciting for me. Traditionals most times are always done in the evennings in the US  sometimes from 7pm. I would normally arrive about an hour  before the start of the wedding to capture the bride during her make-up and Gele session. The Makeup and Beauty shots are one of my favorites as I do get to work with the makeup artist in perfecting the makeover. Not all pictures come out nice with all types of makeup so usually, the makeup artist is advised on the intensity of the colors or eyes that would bring out the bride’s beauty. I love doing the Gele moments too! Capturing the bride whilst holding the gele is one of my most important must-have pictures. It’s almost like a ritual as have seen so many brides go through this stage.


This chunky red beads makes a pop of color.


On Damola’s Twerking his Agbada: In Oyo state, men in traditional attire dance around to showcase their masculinity and authority. It’s like a sense of establishing one’s self as the alpha male. I wanted to incorporate that into the shots since Damola is from Oyo. I needed to also showcase his lovely agbada designs. This shots was done in the car park for space and privacy. Damola is a fun loving and easy going guy. Achieving this was easy peasy.

DECOR: The Decor was really kept simple and nice. It was actually done by the Groom’s bestfriends mother-in-law ( did you get that?lol)


Another rites of passage on your traditional wedding

Fitiing the cap moments always ends with a KISS.

O.M.G  I love this moment!
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|Makeup: 3Dlooksmakeup/ Trad attire and Beads from Nigeria|

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