On The 1st Day of Christmas….

On The 1st Day of Christmas….


So this is it! Only 1 day until Christmas and I am still wrapping, still cooking and still blogging!!! You’d think at 8pm (yes I know this post is very late today but its Christmas Eve!) I’d be settling down to a minced pie and mulled wine ready to watch It’s A Wonderful Life but instead I am up to my eye balls in wrapping paper and the minced pies are still in the oven!

Hope you’re all a little more organised than me!

For the past 12 days we have been bringing you a different gift idea each day in the countdown to Christmas. As it’s Christmas Eve and all the shops are now closed, I thought we’d do something a bit different on the 1st day of Christmas. Something, or should I say someone very special.

For those of you that follow our blog will know that for the past 9 months my gorgeous Festival Brides’ partner in crime Kelly has been expecting her first baby. Well I am so excited to announce that just over 3 weeks ago Kelly gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen. She is perfect and both Mum, Dad and baby are doing so well.

So…….On The 1st Day of Christmas we would like to introduce you to:

Florence Everley Jo……

Isn’t she gorgeous! Kelly is already the most amazing Mum and it is so lovely to see her and Nick so happy.

Congratulations Lady – so happy for you and Nick.

I guess all that’s left for me to say now is…………….


We hope you all have a brilliant day.

We will be taking a break from blogging until 1st January 2014 so we shall see you then!

Big Christmas Love

Festival Brides xxx

Be merry, drink, and eat till your about to burst!

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