Winter Wonderland Cake by Sibylle Of Funkytime

Winter Wonderland Cake by Sibylle Of Funkytime


Okay, I was going to talk about a very cool wedding when this came up. It's the season and most of us will be going around and round in circle for gifts, cakes and lights. I have been seriously thinking of something very inspirational for all of you celebrating the season when I bumped into this eye-popping cake by Sibylle of Funkytime a very creative and talented friend. She DIY'd a winter wonderland cake as an inspiration. Loving the sprinkles and the feel to it. Who says you can't do it too?

Sibylle bought a bunt cake in a shop and decided to pimp it up!


BUNT CAKE // CRANBERRIES ( you can use strawberries too) // ROSEMARYSPRIGS // POWDERED SUGAR


Sit the cake on a nice plate, stick the rosemary sprigs into the bunt, make them look like little trees and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Add the cranberries on top. Paint some cranberries with edible gold or sprinkle them with edible glitter. Voila, your very own winter wonderland is finished and you can eat it too;-)

Looks easy enough to try and eat! xx

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