Custom Made Engagement Rings - Modern Wedding

Custom Made Engagement Rings - Modern Wedding


Perhaps it was only yesterday that your love said those four simple words - 'Will you marry me?' If he hasn't taken a stab at your taste in rings then you'll be setting off to buy the jewellery piece of a life time. We spoke with Larsen Jewellery to find out a little more on custom made engagement rings...

Taking the step into the world of diamonds and engagement rings can be, to say the least, an overwhelming and daunting experience. With the plentiful options at ones finger tips it is certainly understandable if you feel somewhat confused at where you should start.

Beautiful ready-to-wear engagement rings are a fabulous choice - so why would you choose to have an engagement ring custom made when you can easily stroll into your local fine jewellery shop, browse the store for that perfect sparkling diamond ring that will win your heart and have it packaged up beautifully so your ready to go? There is certainly nothing wrong with this, but just keep in mind that this is perhaps the single most significant and sentimental purchase you will make.

The idea of choosing a vintage engagement ring is beautiful. To own a piece that holds its own history is a lovely nostalgic notion. But it is important to realise that vintage rings come with the risk that you may eventually encounter future problems. Vintage rings can be dangerously thin and may lead to unforeseen problems down the track. You may find it difficult to find a jeweller who will be willing to take on the repair work that may be involved.

There is certainly nothing wrong with choosing a pre-made engagement ring. It might just be exactly what you imagined or perhaps you instantly felt connected with it. However, there is something so loving about having an engagement ring custom made. At Larsen Jewellery you become a part of the whole journey, from the initial dreaming up of designs, viewing and selecting your diamond, right through to the final stages of viewing your ring before your diamond is set to holding the finished piece in your hand. One of our experienced jewellers will work with you to bring to life your dream ring. Larsen Jewellery prides themselves on their customer service and fine craftsmanship. This is one of the most exciting times of your life and the team of friendly jewellers at Larsen Jewellery are there to answer any of your questions, making sure the experience of custom making your engagement ring is an enjoyable and memorable one.

At the end of the day you will be wearing a piece brought to life by you. No matter how obscure or classic the design might be; you can be certain that your engagement ring will truly be one of a kind.

Larsen Jewellery is open January 2nd 2014 from 9am, located in Sydney's Strand Arcade and Melbourne's GPO. Visit their website to view their engagement rings and for more information on their specialty custom engagement rings and 'the wedding experience' which enables you to make each others wedding rings. For comments and reviews check out Larsen Jewellery on Facebook too!

Happy ring shopping!

MW x

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