Multi-level Carpark Engagement Photo Shoot

Multi-level Carpark Engagement Photo Shoot


I am reposting this engagement shoot today. 1. Because it's awesome. 2. Because I'm sure as it was originally posted over a year ago, many of you would not have seen it before and I don't want you to miss out!

Guess what? You don't actually have to wear matching white singlets and denim to your engagement photo shoot. And, although there are stunningly gorgeous beaches here on the Sunshine Coast, you don't actually have to have your engagement session at one of them. And you'll never believe this - every last pic doesn't actually have to be all lovey-dovey!

Not that there is anything at all wrong with any of the above. The classic denim and white on the beach, all loved-up might be just what you would love to see in a frame on your coffee table or as a nice big canvas on your wall for years to come. You will certainly be spoiled for choice with all of the gorgeous natural Sunshine Coast settings to use in your engagement photo session.

However, we know there are some of you out there who are a little left of centre, and crave a unique, unusual idea for your engagement photo session. Man, have I got one for you. How about a multi-level carpark in Maroochydore? Sound uninspiring? Think again. You obviously have not met Julian Beattie. Jules loves to work with quirky couples with a bit of a creative spark to create fun Sunshine Coast engagement photo sessions with a bit of a difference and a lot of personality.

Simon and Simone are clearly a couple with personality. They brought along a couple of props to their shoot - an old camera and an old Korg keyboard. They didn't match their outfits, they didn't limit themselves, and... take a look - they didn't even kiss. This is nothing short of outrageous!

See what a simple idea, three open minds and a whole stack of fun can produce!

Show us some comment love (below) and let us know which seemingly modest, underrated or overlooked Sunshine Coast location you would consider using for a unique engagement photo shoot.

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