The Dress Photo

The Dress Photo


When your photographer turns up on your wedding day morning, you will be busily being pampered and fussed over by your makeup artist, hair stylist, bridesmaids and your mother. Before you get dressed, your awesome Sunshine Coast wedding photographer will ask to be directed to the beautiful wedding dress you plan to marry your beloved in. Now, you could have it hanging limp and lifeless in your wardrobe... Or you could have a grand plan for the photo they will inevitably take.

Look around before the time comes and find something beautiful, funky, cool and creative to do with your bridal gown for the dress photo. Think outside the box - not even the old Hills Hoist is out of the question!

Personalised hangers are very special

Photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

A pine hanger to match the decor, and get all the girls involved!

Photo by Chesterton Smith Photography

Utilise the other decor, especially if it goes with your wedding theme. And a crochet hanger is always a winner

Photo by Nicky Stone Photography

Your lace gown will look amazing back lit, bringing out all the little details

Photo by Alan Hughes Photography

More backlit loveliness, and artistically bringing in the colour with the bridesmaid gown

Photo by Greg Gardner Photography

Get creative with the lighting

Photo by Julian Beattie Photography

Frame it in a pretty window

Photo by Andrea Sproxton Photography

Focus on the intricate detailing

Photo by Katja Anton Photography

There's nothing wrong with a bit of Hills Hoist action!

Photo by Julian Beattie Photography

Another way to utilise the backyard, and get back to nature

Photo by Emma Nayler Photographer

Keep it real

Photo by Julian Beattie Photography

Always make use of a stunning view

Photo by Julian Beattie Photography

Dress photo bomb? I guess it's really that special, it can steal the limelight even from your fabulous shoes!

Photo by Melanie McNiven Portraits

Have you any plans for your wedding dress photo? We would love to hear all! Share in the comments below.

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