Matchy Matchy: 3 Cosmetic Combos that are Totally OK to Wear Together

Matchy Matchy: 3 Cosmetic Combos that are Totally OK to Wear Together


Sometimes "matchy matchy" can be a bad thing (pretty sure we all have photos from our youths to prove it). And sure, the whole bag-matching-the-shoes situation is more faux pas than fabulous; but beauty-wise, "matchy matchy" can be pretty fantastic. Case in point: these color cosmetic combos that we can't get enough of.

Orange: eye shadow and lipstick.

Orange can be an intimidating color to commit to. But if you're going to go for it, then you've really got to go for it. Choose highly pigmented products to ensure your oranges look vibrant, rather than washed out. All orange everything, however, would be a bit much, so LA-based makeup artist Jessica Scantlin first gave the eyes a light glimmering base using the pale shimmer shadows from the palette. Then she added two shades of orange to give the eyes dimensions. Try with a pop of Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Tangerine. On the lips, she applied Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 40 followed by a touch of .

Red: lipstick and blush.

You already know bright blush is a statement worth making. But did you know matching your bold blush to your even bolder lips can be a (matchy) match made in heaven? Scantlin proved it when she dusted red blush onto the apples of our model's cheeks and paired it with a classic red lip. Try NARS Blush in Exhibit A or with a true red lipstick, like the used here. The key is to keep color off of the rest of the face. A little shimmering eye shadow and black eyeliner complete the look without competing with the reds.

Plum: nail polish and lipstick.

If you're not ready to try color coordinating face makeup, we suggest taking this subtle and oh-so chic approach: match your manicure to your lip color. Choosing a dark color like plum keeps this look grown-up and refined. We'd also love the combo in burgundy, oxblood or aubergine. Scantlin used on the lips, which was a perfect match for . Flawless skin and a smudgy, slightly smoky eye balance out the bold lip.

Are you a fan of the matchy matchy look? Tell us which color combo you would wear in the comments!

Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Scantlin for Contour Fossa

Models: Summer Hammeras, Faith Xue, Alicia Baker

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