Sexy Black Evening Dresses - Galia Lahav Moonstruck 2014 Collection

Sexy Black Evening Dresses - Galia Lahav Moonstruck 2014 Collection


{First Look} Devastatingly Seductive Evening Gown Collection from Galia Lahav Couture!

It's no secret that we're obsessed with the magnificent bridal gowns created by the Galia Lahav Haute Couture design team. (If you're new to planet earth and haven'y yet seen Galia's previous collections, click on through here and here ASAP!) After the massive success of their bridal line, and non-stop requests to design a range of evening wear, we're excited to bring you the first NEVER SEEN BEFORE preview of their brand new evening wear collection aptly named 'Moonstruck'. This collection of sexy black evening dresses has already made waves on the red carpet as Grammy nominated singer, Skylar Grey, debuted a piece from the Moonstruck collection at Elton John's Academy Award party!

The collection is a phenomenal array of black timeless pieces with plunging necklines, deep dropping backs, detailed hand-produced beadwork and endless trains. Moonstruck is feminine, sexy, exuding glamorous elegance and appeal. This is Galia Lahav's first evening release in three years which makes us very proud to share it with you!

Inspired by the hot Mediterranean sun and salty waves in the ocean, this collection is a prism of black shades and shimmers of sheer textured fabric. Rediscovering the mermaid shape as nymphs once roamed the oceans in Greek mythology, this is like a collection like never before, elegant with movement in the night.

SAFFRON EVENING DRESS: (Above and Below Right) The body hugging Saffron gown has been created from double stretch satin with fabulous French guipure embellishments around neckline and back.

VENUS EVENING GOWN (Above Left and Below) Complete with a silk-tulle removable cape, the Venus gown juxtaposies cutout sides with embellishments of glamorous embroidery detailing the deep frontal v-neck,.

(Above and below) The sexy Astroid evening gown is a big voluminous dress all in sheer black net with long sleeves draped in the front with sheer bows around necklines and wrists.

(Above) Embroidered tulle fabric, the Comet gown is a sleek and sexy dress hugging the body while glorifying the feminine physic with bat wing sleeves.

(Above) The geometric embroidery in different shades of black in the Meteor evening gown creates a sleek body-forming silhouette.

(Above and below left) Inspired by the dark side of the moon, the fabulous Mars evening gown is made of silk chiffon with a sheer bodice and top.

(Above right and below) Entirely embroidered in jet-black glass beads that layer over sheer net with draping of black pearls, the Jupiter gown contains necklaces covering the entire back with a very high slit on the front skirt.

(Below left) The magnificent Neptune gown is n ade with the idea of transparencies of skin tone and black. All sheer materials are illusions of transparent fabrics revealing glimpses of body while hiding it at the same time.

(Above right) The top of the sexy black Shalimar evening gown is a strapless corset with a peplum. The top piece overlaps a mermaid skirt as the waist is defined with a metallic belt defining the waist. We love that is comes with a set of two matching gloves to give the dress an edgy feel!

(Above and below) The breathtaking Saturn evening gown from the Galia Lahav Moonstruck collection is made with iridescent charcoal sequins lavishly covering the body. Geometric lines with sheer sides and details all around the body curving and exuding the shape.

(Below) The Marylin evening gown is perfect for portraying an hourglass silhouette.we adore the sheer back detail all in thick stretchy satin with cutout details of embroidery.

(Above and below) The Mercury evening gown is created from free falling silk chiffon. It has an open back with draped fabric and embellishments and pulled in waistline with deep dropping v-neck detail. The arms of this beautiful gown are embroidered with hand beaded gunmetal gems!

(Above) Last, but by no means least, we bring you the magnificent Montana evening gown made of stretch silk satin. The upper bodice of this gown has a sheer top detail with sheer sleeves and pearl rows of bracelets wrapping around the body inspired by the movement of the planets in the solar system!

Confetti Daydreams would like to extends a special thanks to the team at Galia Lahav for sharing this first look at their drop-dead gorgeous collection with our readers.

Designer: Galia Lahav | Photography: Yaniv Edry | Model: Katharina Linke | Hair Stylist: Liraz Agam | Makeup Artist: Shirley Weiner | Accessories: Keren Wolf |

Founding Editor: Storm Buckingham

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