Free Spirited Friday: 'A woman's heart fully opens with the birth of her baby'

Free Spirited Friday: 'A woman's heart fully opens with the birth of her baby'


Photograph taken by Heline Bekker Photography

Firstly thank you to Clare for letting me know about the above quote. I couldn't put this experience into words more precisely than this... What a roller coaster the last 13 weeks have been. I feel like I should change my name to signify the transformation I have experienced! I can honestly say that I feel like a completely new person. Anyone who has gone through this change will be nodding their head in agreement as they read this. Somehow every Mum I have spoken to feels they are superwoman with amazing unique super human powers because they have had a baby. Crazy hey as it's just nature!! But it's more than that, it's a life changing moment, a higher state of consciousness that will stay with you and change you forever. Shame that most of us can't remember the first precious few weeks, due to exhaustion and worry!! Hands in the air if you know exactly what I'm talking about!

My heart has bloomed and untangled. My past seems like a distant struggle. Some people may be worried by the fact that a child can make you whole. But I have no issues with admitting they are a healer. Their souls are so precious and pure you can love them whole heartily and without motive. Nothing else seems to matter once they come along, you feel free to live the simple life, to just exist, to just be a family. This is what life has to offer and it's truly beautiful when your time comes.

I'm very glad that Flo finally came to us when she did as we enjoyed 10 years together doing all the things we love. Yes there are more experiences we wish to have but I feel settled to know we can embrace parenthood without longing for the life we have lost or once had. (Truth be known we started to live a very child friendly life 2 years ago when we moved to the country!)

So now it comes to work and family life balance as I officially start back at Festival Brides. I can see it's going to be super tough! Luckily I'm blessed with a content and happy baby who is happy to giggle the day away. So from now I will be frantically writing blog posts whilst she power naps during the day, (blog posts may be shorter!) turning family breaks into trips around the UK to find you the coolest festival wedding venues and bouncing her on my hip as I answer your calls.

So here is the mountain I have to climb to build upon my passions, grow our business and be a Mum.......multitasking just reached another level! Plenty do it, I know I'm not the first. I just hope I do it well.

I welcome this challenge with open arms. I can't wait for Flo to be a festival baby and meet her fellow festival friend in May (Laura's baby!) At least Laura and I are going to be in this together and can share childcare!

10 amazing things that have happened because I became a mum:

1. My heart if full of love. I can't put this love into words but it's the best emotion I have ever felt

2. I wake up everyday happy and smiley despite how tired I feel or how many times I have had to get up in the night (not many now - she is a sleeper!)

3. I love my Man more now than ever (it's a truly amazing bond)

4. I feel my senses have heightened. I'm wired to her every move, feeling and thoughts

5. I'm way more emotional, I just feel more...

6. My hair is really thick (yes I know its going to fall out soon but I'm enjoying it right now!) Cute bob maybe on the cards this summer!

7. I'm happy just to be. The pressure is off and I feel I have achieved so much just by having her.

8. I've had to slow down (Fitting 3 things in a day just isn't achievable any more! 1 thing will do just fine)

9. I smile at everyone pushing a pram. Parenthood is more than a club you join.

10. I'm so excited about the future - I know there will be ups and downs like before but I feel strong enough to deal with them. I learn something new everyday and everyday feels like a gift.


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