Overhead - 'Hot Red Lipsticks Your Pout Can Be Proud Of'

Overhead - 'Hot Red Lipsticks Your Pout Can Be Proud Of'


If there's one thing we truly and utterly love about Rock My Wedding then it's our amazing community - yep we're talking about YOU! Every single one of you lovely brides (and grooms!), photographers and florists and cake bakers and videographers and make-up artists and bridal designers and stationers and bands...

Ok, ok, you get the idea, the list of course goes on and on.

Because it is a community and a blinking fantastic one at that. Whether you chat with us on twitter or follow us on instagram or pin from our Pinterest boards or 'like' our Facebook page we're as proud as punch to have you all on board the Rock My Wedding train. We really truly are because we couldn't do it without you.

And so we've decided to introduce a new feature that is really all about you gorgeous bunch; one which will focus on your thoughts and opinions and recommendations.

Welcome to ' Overheard '.

This is your opportunity to tell us what you think about a particular topic...you never know, you might see your worldly-wise points of view one of these days on these pages. We promise to keep things light-hearted of course... We might ask you for your favourite work-out songs, your top tipple or perhaps an epic book you've read recently.

This week we turned to our twitter community to ask them for their favourite red lipstick recommendations and boy they did not disappoint.

Why not check out their tip top suggestions above. I'm positive that you'll find one that you fall in love with.

Perhaps you've a cherished product of your own that's not mentioned here - if so why not add to the debate and tell us all about it.

All my love Lolly xxx

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