Laura + Keith's DIY Country Barn Wedding

Laura + Keith's DIY Country Barn Wedding


For this beautiful Friday, we're showcasing a DIY barn wedding from Gray Photography. Laura + Keith collected all the mismatched tables and chairs for their reception from Craigslist for a year. And with major help from the family, they were able to completely re-finished and decorate the barn, including growing their own moss, flowers, and gourds used for the wedding!

Something neat to share: amidst all the tables Laura + Keith had collected, one in particular was super special to the family. And that's because one grandfather of theirs was born on that special kitchen table!

Great job on the awesome barn decor and much congratulations to Laura + Keith!

Photographer: Gray Photography//Wedding Date:10.05.2013// Submitted via Two Bright Lights


Jennie is a DIY-crafter and loves all things pretty, aka weddings. When she's not busy making a pretty card or ogling at wedding/engagement photos, she's a pom mommy to her fur baby Machi and cooks gourmet dinners for her hubby!

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