Johan + Cara's Love Rock

Johan + Cara's Love Rock


Love as hard as a rock! Wow! This is something completely different and so amazing to see, a little wedding on a rock in the Paarl. Johan and Cara got married on Paarl Rock in the Western Cape. Cara made sure her wedding was personal, intimate and in the same time spectacular. This bride seems to be completely unconventional and it is exactly this characteristic that made her wedding so special. Cara and Johan's day were captured by Kovacevic Bosch Photography. Kovacevic surely had a fun time and it can be seen in his work. The Paarl Rock was the perfect backdrop to fit this wedding. The reception was held in Paarl at the Zomerlust Guesthouse which also turned out to be a fairytale. We hope you enjoy it!

I Propose | Elaborate on how the two of you met or on how the proposal went down.

We met a year and five months ago at a surprise party held for his cousin, which is my best friend. We started talking about our adventures and missions in life. We were hooked on each other. About a year later on one of our adventures together we were driving on a dirt road north in the Molopo, The Travelling Willburys playing loudly on the radio and our windows were down so that we could smell and feel the bushveld on our skins. It was late afternoon and the sun was getting ready to set when we were looking for a place to camp, anywhere, for just the two of us underneath the majestic nature and stars. Johan, in the meanwhile, organized with his sister and brother-in-law for a campsite on their farm, on the border. We drove in the dry Molopo River (which has flowed again two or three times since then) with South Africa on the one side and Botswana on the other. We found the campsite and started to climb a hillside overlooking Botswana. Johan knows that I love Botswana so that's when he said "let's jump the fence and explore" - a habit of ours. As we jumped the fence everything changed. We started to whisper to each other while we were walking through the bush and thorn trees, it was so beautiful! The sun was setting and that's when Johan held me tight and asked whether I would like to live with him like this for the rest of our life? He took out the ring, sun setting behind him, and without thinking I said something else, shock reaction, then I never stopped saying yes.

Bride & Prejudice | Express some memorable experiences you had during the planning.

Everyday together is an experience, but on the day we got married was one for the books. I was sleeping at my parents' home the night before my wedding. I got a message from Johan 04:00 am that read "get ready I am picking you up in 30 minutes".

I got dressed very quietly and sneaked out of my parents' home for the very last time. Johan picked me up and we drove up DuToitskloof pass. We stopped in the mist, knowing Paarl was down there somewhere and we were surrounded by Mountains. While we had our coffee (Johan made in a flask) we gave our vows to each other.

My Fair Wedding | Describe an event that you feel was unique or even funny.

We always wanted to get married in nature with our loved ones, so we had two venues for our wedding ceremony. The first part took place on top of Paarl Rock with our families. It was a hot summer's day in Paarl and the wind was blowing us closer together. Standing and looking over the world we said our vows.

Part two took place at Zomerlust Guesthouse Garden where our friends were waiting for us. The candles were burning and the music was playing. My dad walked me down the arched isle, memorable. We had a last very close bonding talk before we approached the ceremony, such a special man in my life. The feeling of overwhelming love struck me and made the occasion so special. We are loved.

Johan and I gave each other the rings and kissed. After that it was time for Pizza, wine and dancing with friends and family.

Don't Tell The Bride | Reveal something that happened behind the scenes.

Mmm... on our wedding day Johan still had to make a choice of which of the two pair of pants he wanted to wear. So I wrote 3 little notes. One that said "I can't wait to see you!" that was placed in his shirt pocket the other two said "I love you!" and I placed one in each pocket of his pants.

When I arrived on top of Paarl Rock Johan whispered in my ear and said his uncle, our priest is wearing his other pants. He got the note...

No More Wedding Woes | Share your wedding advice for future brides.

Be yourself and enjoy every moment!

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Photographer: Kovacevic Bosch Photography | Ceremony Venue: Paarl Rock | Reception Venue: Zomerlust Guesthouse

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