Canvas Head Board

Canvas Head Board


Evening is my favourite time of the whole day. It's time when I finally find time only for myself. I usually sit down to make a plan and look for the inspirations for the next day. But what really brings in the relaxing state of mind is a good book.I usually read in bed. My bed has a very comfy head board to lean against.

But I've recently noticed my son coping the habit of reading in bed. His bed is simple with Pillow Mattress separating it from the wall. That's why I decided to provide my son with comfort while reading. I started looking for some ideas and I found Canvas Head Board. Emily from Better Remade pushed me to my new sewing project. Today I'm taking my son to the shop to choose the fabric he likes.

Once I read bed should be used only for sleeping. I don't agree, do you? Do you also like reading in bed? Leave us a comment below.

A neat tutorial on Canvas Head Board is available here.

What you need:

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