Intimate + Rustic South African Wedding: Thomas + Sarah-Jane

Intimate + Rustic South African Wedding: Thomas + Sarah-Jane


Thomas + Sarah-Jane exchanged their vows in a truly unique location that holds a very special place in their hearts. They frequent the small town of Nieu Bethesda, South Africa together (Tom, his brother, and his father built a family holiday home there a few years back) and the charm, peace, and creativity of the locals has more than won this sweet duo over. When the question of where they would get married came up, they instantly knew that no other place would do, so plans for an intimate + rustic Karoo celebration began to take shape. Here's a bit more about it all from Sarah-Jane:

We wanted our wedding day to reflect who we are as a couple, so we went for very natural, rustic details and used what we already had or could easily make. We spent the day before the wedding with our families as they helped us potting plants for wedding favours and making floral wreaths. At the wedding reception guests enjoyed rides on the local donkey cart and drank locally made craft beer while Tom and I walked around the forest with our photographer and planted our memory tree in his family's garden.

Thank you so much to Charlie Ray Photography for the beautiful photos and big congrats to Thomas + Sarah-Jane!

Oh hey cute bridal party!

It's kind of a toss up for what we love more: Thomas' rad Zara suit or Sarah-Jane's adorable petiole crown!

Such a great photo! :)

Sarah: It probably started about 30minutes before the ceremony, on the front porch of the house my family was staying at, still in my robe, surrounded by my family and bridesmaids, as I jumped and screamed with excitement. Walking down the aisle with my dad and telling him to speed up (a bit too much!) and finally standing with Tom at the end of the aisle feeling that although everyone was there for us, and everything was beautiful for us, nothing and no one really mattered except for him, and me promising to love him always.

Tom: My favourite moment undoubtedly occurred about 45 minutes after our ceremony was scheduled to start, when I saw Sarah walk down the very long street/aisle. There was something really special about standing there in the street with my groomsmen, in front of the people that we love, overcome by nerves while I rubbed my cheeks to ease the pain caused from smiling. After what seemed like a lifetime, Sarah appeared in the distance, and it was as if everything else drowned out and I was standing alone waiting for her to join me. That moment, thinking of how far we had come and where we're headed, is one that I will never forget.

With a population of only 60, Tom and I were able to to have our ceremony in the main road of Nieu Bethesda and were the first to use the town's new wedding reception venue, an old converted pub called "Die Waenhuis" (or in English, The Wagonhouse).

And you know we LOVE a good confetti exit!

Die Waenhuisis practically oozing with charm! And Sarah-Jane is right on when she says, There's something about getting married in a place you know you will return to time and again, and knowing that the memory of marrying my favourite will grow each and every time.

Processional: Valium - Lisa Mitchell

Recessional: You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall and Oates

First Dance: You Send Me - Sam Cooke

Our day was filled with love, excitement, and encouragement from our friends and family, and we were so blessed to have close friends involved on the day, from my hair and make up artist who I went to university with, to our friend and pastor who married us, to one of my oldest friends, photographer, Ross Charnock (you should check out his work, he is amazing!), everyone that played a part in our day was someone we love.

Congrats again, you two, and thanks so much for sharing your day with us! :)

photography: Ross Charnock of Charlie Ray Photography // venue: Die Waenhuis Nieu Bethesda, Eastern Cape in South Africa // event planner: Jacques Muller from Die Waenhuis // wedding dress: Lauren Olivier // hair + makeup: Alana Pohlmann // groom suit: Zara // catering: Lizzie Strong // cake: Tabitha Weyer from Friendly Stranger

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