Marco & Leandre's Pretville E Shoot - Wedding Friends

Marco & Leandre's Pretville E Shoot - Wedding Friends


Pretville is an Afrikaans film based in the 50′s that inspired and touched South African hearts. In order to create the ideal location for the film, a little town was built for the film. A few creatives kept this set as a tourist destination in Hartbeespoort Dam, just outside of Pretoria. Since the film, this set became a very popular destination for several occasions. Daniel West had the privilege to shoot an E Shoot here, let's see what he did with the location...

The Theme | What was the look and feel of the shoot?

The theme of the shoot was inspired by the Afrikaans film "Pretville" taking place during the 50′s. This was a suggestion that came from the Bride to be, as she loves the color pink, and adored the film.

At the moment in photography, the Brenizer technique is quite popular. While in fashion, I'm feeling that South Africa is back in the retro/hipster stage, I personally would love to get where European fashion currently is: colorful, bright and fresh.

I just got back from Namibia, had no communication, so currently I'm just trying to get back in touch with the world. Love, live and enjoy every moment!

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