How to Make Chicken Coop - Craftspiration - Handimania

How to Make Chicken Coop - Craftspiration - Handimania


Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein, they can be ideal component of salads, cakes and cookies. But they also taste delicious in as simple dishes as Flower Shaped Eggs.

We've just had a lengthy discussion on eggs quality. There are more and more people who pay attention to eggs code stamped on them. I always tend to choose those with '0' or '1' marking but I know people still don't care and opt for eggs from caged hens to buy cheaper. I guess if they still want to economize they should get familiar with Chicken Coop I've found on Imgur. It contains windows, nesting boxes and automatic door. This deluxe house gives more comfort to the chickens than some human houses can give to their owners.

Would you feel inspired to build a similar coop? Let me know what you think about this idea.

See more photos on Imgur.

Want to get started raising chickens? Be sure you've got the comfy and cute coop!

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