The Bride Diaries. Introducing Bride to Be Amy

The Bride Diaries. Introducing Bride to Be Amy


Amy is tying the knot with Ashley in August next year. I am so excited to hear all about her planning over the next year. Read all about how they met, the proposal and the beginnings of their wedding planning.... XOXO Lou

Why hello there lovely WWW readers, I must say I'm rather giddy at the thought I'm writing for one of my favourite wedding blogs (a Chandler-esque victory dance may have happened when I found out)! But I'm not going to lie, I am pooping myself a little knowing that my often incoherent ramblings are going to be read by so many people! Just stay cool Amy, no biggie. I'm so happy Lou chose me as one of the Real Bride gang, I now have an outlet for my constant wedding chat - something I'm sure best friend and maid of honour Fay will be very thankful for.

I honestly never imagined I'd be here doing something like this, I wasn't the girl sat in her bedroom daydreaming of churches and tulle, but as soon as Ashley put that ring on my finger 10 months ago it's been all I could think of (well, that and my obsession with finding the next great cake to bake - I will no doubt throw a few Great British Bake Off discussions your way, you have been warned).

So I guess it's time to start at the beginning........ way back in November 2011, there was a ruggedly handsome NHS professional called Ashley looking for a quick hook up (yep, one of those guys), he thought he'd try his luck in the online dating world. It turned out, he didn't really have much luck, until one day he stumbled across the profile of socially awkward student Amy. He said 'Hey, how you doing?' (or something equally boring and uninspiring), normally Amy wouldn't entertain such a lacklustre greeting, but the shallow minx in her urged her to respond.

Hardly the opener to a Mills and Boon, but riveting stuff nevertheless!

After batting a few low detail messages back and forth, Ashley plucked up the courage to ask me out. We met up for coffee one dreary Sunday morning, and I will always remember how much I couldn't be bothered to go! I don't think I've ever told Ashley this so best to keep it between us. I of course went, but I threw on the most casual clothes ever, no effort went into anything, and as I walked in and saw him he had obviously done the same (sorry Ash but your style has improved immensely since we got together). After some awkward conversation, pleading with the ice to break, the date ended on a mutual 'yeah they're alright' kind of feeling. One Christmas shopping trip and a snog in Meadowhall car park (epitome of class right here folks) later, and we were Facebook official.

Ashley was like no one I had been out with, he challenged me, making me into a better person. This is so incredibly cheesy, like seriously mouldy stilton cheesy, but this quote from The Notebook perfectly sums us up 'They didn't agree on much. In fact, they didn't agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other every day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.' My parents and friends would say to me 'why are you two together, all you ever seem to do is bicker about stupid things' - and we do, ALL the time, but somehow it works for us. I'm romantic and sentimental, and he's a realist always professing he never wants to get married as he doesn't believe in it.

So you can imagine how fall off my chair, I can't believe it, surprised I was when, after only 6 months of living together, he whisked me off to a lovely little French bistro in Leeds to pop the question. It was totally on the down low, as he subtly slid the little box across the table, telling me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. It was an incredible moment, it wasn't grand and awe inspiring, but it was wonderful and raw. Everyone in the room just suddenly drifted away, he was saying such beautiful words to me that he'd never spoken before as he fought back tears. Of course I'd be lying if I said I'd hate it if he'd have proposed on a secluded beach in paradise (where we actually went the week after, like the guy couldn't wait just 7 more days!), but the man I love asked me to marry him, so no matter what it was perfect.

Sadly I couldn't go into full bride to be mode just yet, as we had a fabulous holiday to Cuba to enjoy. The impatient bugger that I am however, made sure we had a list of potential venues to visit when we got back. And sure fire as soon as that plane touched English soil, we were in the car and off to have a nosey around Woodlands Hotel in Leeds. We had decided while we were away that we wanted a hotel wedding, as all our nearest and dearest could stay with us, and an all-inclusive package would relieve a lot of DIY stress. The only real debate we had was where the hotel was going to be, as all of Ashley's family and friends live in Wakefield, but my kin are scattered pretty much across the world. We ended up agreeing that Leeds was a sensible middle point for everyone to travel to.

As soon as we pulled up to the gorgeous converted mill, I had that gut feeling you get of 'this is the one', it ticked all our boxes it looked stunning from the outside in, with perfectly manicured gardens that trailed into the woods, and an in budget package that covered everything you could possibly think of. We immediately put our names down to hold a date in early September 2015, but thought we shouldn't neglect all the other wonderful venues so went to one more similar style hotel. While in its own right it is a fantastic wedding venue, it just wasn't for us, so a couple of days after we first visited Woodlands we were back to pay the deposit. Only we managed to bag August Bank Holiday Sunday, as the couple who'd previously secured it wanted our date instead! So put this in your diaries peeps, Ash and Aims get hitched 30 th August 2015!!

I'm probably the least creative person you could meet, like my definition of 'crafty' is Ashley's cheeky little nephew telling me he hasn't had any sweets, when really he's had a bag of Starmix and about 5 Chupa Chups, just so he can have my last fruit pastel (always the red ones i.e the best ones, the boy knows what he's doing). So going DIY for our wedding was never an option for me, but I do very much envy you gifted lot that are going all out on the invites, table plans, favours, even chairs in some cases! Do let me know if you have any handy tips that someone so DIY impaired like me can handle.

Are you having a DIY wedding, or like me opted for a safe bet hotel package? Tell me all about it!

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