Romantic Garden Engagement - Polka Dot Bride

Romantic Garden Engagement - Polka Dot Bride


The beauty of the botanic gardens always makes for such a wonderful engagement photo backdrop and the shoot of Nicola and Brett from photographer Anna Brandt Photography makes use of the stunning backdrops that Mother Nature provides all the while telling the story of the newly engaged lovers.

On how they met, Brett & Nicola remember, "Brett and Nicola met in 2002 at their school athletic sports day, Brett was in year 11 and Nicola was in year 9. Just before Nicola ran the 800m event by chance Brett and her were introduced to each other by friends. It didn't take long for them to discover that they shared a lot in common and would like to see each other again."

On what he loves about his future wife, Brett remarks, "I love Nicola's kind and caring nature. Her intuitive and understanding - particularly when it comes to supporting Brett's sporting endeavours, his friendships and his solo trips overseas when he has annual leave to expend. I also love Nicola's cooking and her mutual love of cricket."

On what she loves about Brett, Nicola notes, "I love Brett's kind and genuine nature, his open mindedness and his patience. I admire the way Brett can read me like a book - which is a mixed blessing at times, and I love his quick wit. I also loves his smile."

The proposal story goes a little something like this ."Brett proposed on the 31st August, 2013. The day began with a delightful breakfast at the Studley Park Boathouse, overlooking the Yarra River and parkland. Following breakfast they hired a wooden rowboat and made their way slowly downstream in the mid morning sunshine.

Just before docking the boat, Brett mentioned that he needed to go to the car by himself. Nicola's suspicions were slightly aroused. She hoped he might have been looking to retrieve an important piece of jewellery, however no such gift was presented upon his return. Brett then asked Nicola how she would like to spend the remainder of the day. Nicola suggested washing her car, which Brett vetoed, and driving to either the Yarra Valley or St Kilda Beach. He therefore drove the car in the direction of the beach, however knowing Nicola's fondness for a certain Heritage-listed residence nearby, drove via South Yarra. When they approached the vast light grey fence, predictably, Nicola exclaimed "Oh I love Como House! Can we stop here?" This was where Brett had intended to propose, however he very cleverly led Nicola to believe their adventure was her idea.

Therefore, when Brett led Nicola across the lush, green lawn to a little bench seat by the vegetable garden, descended to one knee and asked her if she would do him the honour of marrying him, Nicola was taken by complete surprise. In fact she was rendered speechless for quite some time. When Brett repeated his questions, Nicola accepted his proposal with much happiness. Brett decided finally after 10 years that it was time to make things official."

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