Love Under The Sky In Pierce Mills By Lola Snaps Photography

Love Under The Sky In Pierce Mills By Lola Snaps Photography


Obi and Ijeuru were high school sweethearts whose love grew as time went by. We are loving the happy ending of this romantic duo. Their engagement location is nothing short of interesting. Pierce Mills and Estate, was built in the 1820's, and operated commercially until 1897. The United States Government acquired the mill as part of Rock Creek in 1892. Peirce Mill has recently been refurbished and operates on special occasions. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places. This beautiful pictures were captured by Lola Snaps Photography.

Here is a little background story of their beautiful beginning...

We met in undergrad at University of California, Riverside. Obi saw IJ and was immediately intrigued. At once, Obi knew that he wanted to get to know her better. Once Obi finished at Riverside he decided he was going to continue with school on the East coast at Howard University in Washington, D.C. IJ was sad when he left, however, they decided to stay together and formed a long distance relationship. As time passed, IJ also was looking to go back to school and was applying all over, but was hoping to get into school somewhere near Obi. She was accepted into Marymount University, which was located about 20 miles from Obi and they resumed their relationship as if nothing had ever changed. After knowing each for 6 years and being together for 5, Obi decided to propose to IJ. Proposal He planned for her sister Chichi, his sister Vanessa and a couple of her friends, Holly and Clemencia to fly out to the east coast to surprise her with a proposal. He also employed the help of another friend Tony who lived nearby. Obi told IJ he wanted to go on a dinner date after she had one of her nursing exams. He asked her where she wanted to go and she made a suggestion but Obi already had everything planned out suggested an even better restaurant. Obi picked up IJ and in true fashion of a woman, IJ was struggling to pick out what to wear. IJ spent the time texting her sister and friends and they carried on like they were still in California. Finally IJ was ready and they drove to their favorite restaurant in Washington, D.C and when they got there IJ was very surprised to see her sister and friends. She asked repeatedly, "What is going on?" Obi answered her question by dropping down on his knee and asked IJ to marry him. IJ obviously said yes

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