Kids at weddings; style & advice from Juno & Joy

Kids at weddings; style & advice from Juno & Joy


Inviting little ones to any event can be a minefield - especially weddings! Being expected to sit quietly through the ceremony and speeches, and endless cocktail hours can be tiring for kids and parents alike!

Luckily we're on hand to help. With a little boy of my own, and a new addition on the way, I wanted to create a shoot to offer inspiration to both couples who have children as well as couples who want to make sure their guests who will be attending with children will be attending a wedding which has catered for them when it comes to creativity, ideas, fun and adventure!

Celebrating the family dynamic within a wedding scheme and championing the concept of letting children be children - embrace the cool & the kooky, give them some input into their outfit - choose colourful and comfortable wedding wear and supply them with plenty of activities to hone their energy and excitement into positive play.

We'd love to hear your ideas for entertaining little ones at your wedding too, share your ideas in the comments below!


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