How to Cover Tattoos for Special Occasions

How to Cover Tattoos for Special Occasions


We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we're lucky enough to hear from New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who gives us tips on how to cover up tattoos in just a few simple steps.

For many of us, tattoos are a reminder of our younger, more carefree selves. They're a sign of experimentation that we sometimes come to regret, especially when those signs are permanently etched in visible spots like our wrists, ankles or backs. Special events such as weddings usually bring out the urgency to cover these marks of creativity and rebellion, and there are several tricks you can try to easily do so.. Here's my foolproof method for covering tattoos that will leave your skin looking so flawless, no one would ever guess what you're hiding!

Step 1: Mute With Red: Tracing a tattoo or filling it in with a red lip liner helps mute the ink color, serving as a great base for concealer and foundation. Trace around the tattoo design with the lip pencil, then fill it in and let it set for a minute or so.

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Model: Diana Crisan
time to move on to more makeup tips and tricks!

Step 2: Use a No-Nonsense Concealer. The best makeup brand for covering tattoos (or anything for that matter) is Dermablend. In fact, the brand's products are specifically designed to cover heavy scarring and permanent marks. I like to take the Dermablend Quick Fix cover stick or Leg and Body Cover (depending on how big the design is) and apply it right on top of the tattoo. Blend the makeup well with a beauty blender sponge and build coverage until the design is completely hidden. This allows for a natural, seamless finish.

Step 3: Complete the Coverage. Set the covered area with finishing powder: Dust a small amount of powder (like Dermablend Solid Setting Powder) on top to mattify the makeup and seal it. You can even spray a setting spray on top to make sure it lasts all day and/or night.

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