Urban Engagement Session in Florence | Fly Away Bride

Urban Engagement Session in Florence | Fly Away Bride


Federica and Andrea's urban engagement session on the back streets of Florence certainly stands out from the crowd. We're always delighted to feature something extraordinary on Fly Away Bride and Stefano Santucci certainly captures a different side of Florence from what we usually see. Stefano's aim was to rediscover the suburbs and margins of Florence which he says can be just as interesting as the city's historical aspects. From Stefano:

"When I met Federica a long time ago, she was already in love with Andrea. We both studied at the same university. She always said that I would be her wedding photographer, and she kept her promise! For their engagement session my assistant Lucrezia and I wanted to do something a little different in honour of this young and alternative couple, so we decided to shoot near a train station in the Florentine suburbs. Trains are such a romantic element for young couples, representing the journey they are about to depart on. We also felt that the background of beautiful graffiti reflects the most honest and creative part of society."

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