Danish Wedding on Aero Island | Fly Away Bride

Danish Wedding on Aero Island | Fly Away Bride


As so many love stories go, Marco and Lisa first met at work and for this American gal and German guy, a traditional wedding just wasn't for them. With a love for travel and a great sense of adventure, they chose to get married on Aero island in Denmark because the photographer that they greatly admired and wanted to book for their wedding was from there. I mean, how spontaneous is that! The photographer in question is the wonderfully sweet Camilla Jorvad and after browsing through these seriously gorgeous wedding images, you will probably consider doing the same thing yourself! Wedding on Aero Island

"Marco and I met at work and were friends for years before dating. Although I think Marco had other plans, our engagement went a little differently. One Saturday we got into this long discussion about life and love, and then he asked me to marry him. The moment was very real and meaningful.

We decided to have a destination wedding as I am actually not a wedding person, and all of the stress that comes with wedding planning made us nervous. We love to travel, and I had been following our photographer, Camilla's, blog for some time. When I found out where she lived, I researched how to get married on Aero, and the rest is history. I got in touch with Louise at Danish Island Weddings, and she made having a destination wedding easy and fun. We couldn't say no to that.

We wanted something beautiful, unique and by the sea. Aero met all of those requirements.

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