Steve Madden's 1990s-Inspired Style Challenge | #SMxNordstrom

Steve Madden's 1990s-Inspired Style Challenge | #SMxNordstrom


Hear ye, hear ye: Steve Madden and Nordstrom are running a contest to see who can put together the best outfit while rocking a pair of '90s-inspired shoes. You shall know this contest by its social media hashtag: #SMxNordstrom.

All you have to do to enter is take a picture of yourself flossing in some '90s-esque, chunky Steve Maddens. Style yourself most excellently. Post to IG, the Twittersphere or wherever you like to update the whole Internet about what you ate for breakfast. Then BOOM. You've entered.

The winner gets to fly to Steve Madden HQ in New York City, tour the Steve Madden showroom and meet Mr. Madden himself. Our own Fashion Office will be scoping #SMxNordstrom and narrowing down applicants to a handful. Team Madden makes the final call.

We called on some favorite Insta queens to model what we're talking about and get this hashtag rolling. That's @FeralCreature above. More inspiration below.

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