Moroccan Wedding Details

Moroccan Wedding Details


Whether you know it or not, you are probably already a big fan of Moroccan-inspired decor. From the mysterious romance of Casablanca to boho style, Morocco has been more inflential in popular themes than you may have guessed. In 2015, we've seen this style burst in popularity with its use of cool metallics, thoughtful centerpieces, and relaxed, celebratory atmosphere.

Probably no single decor detail is bigger in this theme than metal lanterns. Normally in brass and copper shades, these lanterns (above) feature intricate patterns in the metal and sometimes colored glass to throw different hues around the space. Above, these lanterns can be used anywhere from centerpieces to walkways, but this inventive wedding planner decided to hang a collection in front of the window to warm up an industrial space. Brilliant!

You can have a wide array of color palettes for a Moroccan wedding, but the two most common are muted earth tones and sherbet brights. Above, a neutral table runner blends well with the metal lanterns and muted colored glass. Elegant and subdued, this palette is all about highlighting the colors of the desert landscape. Below, with centerpieces filled with greenery and the place setting filled with shades of gold and copper, the effect feels like a rich glow.

This color scheme also allows the intricacies of the design work on glasses, lanterns, and candlesticks to really shine through. If you want to focus more on the patterns, bring in a bunch of creamy, muted neutrals to complement them.

On the other end of the spectrum, many Moroccan themed weddings are bursting with bold, luscious colors. Deriving their influence from the dramatic sunsets and vibrant fabrics from this region, these juicy palettes create a lighthearted, energetic vibe.

Bring in a variety of colors through your floral centerpieces, colored votives, and silk pillows on your seats. You could also use large pillows instead of traditional chairs at low tables.

Much like our own Southwestern weddings, a bright Moroccan wedding is filled with contrasts, such as the bright flowers in clay vases or colorful tablescapes against natural wood, as shown below.

If you want to add an extra luxe touch to your Moroccan affair, use gilded pieces paired with glimmering crystal (below).

No matter what you palette, aim to create a friendly reception space that invites guests to linger for hours. We love this Moroccan party in Southern California that featured a patio decked out with pillows, rugs, and lanterns, encouraging guests to eat and drink long past sunset (below, left). Also look for ways to bring in a little magic, such as this dance floor illuminated with dozens of lanterns overhead (below, right).

Many weddings with this theme feature vibrant, luxurious cakes, such as this ombre tangerine confection with gold etching (below).

You can also highlight some of the designs commonly seen in the region's tilework (below, left). Personally, we love those cakes that give us a taste of Morocco, such as this tiny stunner (below, right) with figs and nuts dripping in honey.

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