Pink DIY Paper Peony Wedding Bouquet - Weddingomania

Pink DIY Paper Peony Wedding Bouquet - Weddingomania


Can you believe these stunning peonies are made from paper? Sweet and charming, they could rival the real thing! At least they got a really strong advantage over real peony wedding buds - they'd never wilt. A bouquet like that can be kept at home after the party is over and it'll serve as a gentle reminder of your big day. What is more, such a bouquet costs a whole lot less than a real one, so it's a chance to save a little on the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner decoration, for example.

Here are the materials that you will need if you're about to recreate the paper peony bouquet: floral wire (16G), floral tape, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, rubber bands, lambs ear leaf spray, seeded eucalyptus and, most importantly, peony flower guide. In short, you need to create a peony's bud petal-by-petal using hot glue to adhere them to your floral wire, then add in some greenery and seeded eucalyptus and finish with long silk ribbons. If you need detailed instructions, please visit Loved this idea? See also how we made a paper flower bouquet with anemones and ranunculus for a wedding. Enjoy!

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