Adorable Cliffside Wedding At Timber Cove - Weddingomania

Adorable Cliffside Wedding At Timber Cove - Weddingomania


Looking at these wedding photos, you plunge into a romantic and great atmosphere of a feast, see a truly loving couple and gorgeous nature around them, notice some chic and original décor elements! And I'm sure after these pics you'll want an outdoor wedding or at least a photo shoot outdoors. First of all, you need to choose the right place, cause other steps of the wedding preparation can depend on it. And secondly think over wedding theme. So it's an easier to make it real than you think!

Now let's get back to our article theme - incredible Cliffside wedding at Timber Cove Inn. Bride Laurie and groom Peter are both originally from the east coast, but for the past three years they've been living in San Francisco. Without long thinking they decided to celebrate their wedding in the west coast, in Northern California. For them it was very important to have one place that their friends and family members from both coasts could stay together for the whole weekend. That's why they chose Timber Cove as the most suitable place for it. And of course I need to pay your attention to Northern California natural beauty. I'm sure you're falling in love with it too!

Laurie loves DIYs, and almost all wedding décor elements were created by her and Peter. For example, you can see on pics hand-dyed napkins, greenery runners and cute potted succulent place cards on tables which Laurie made. The rest of what wasn't made by them was created by family members or good friends.

Now take a look at the flowers in décor and the bridal look. All the florals were gathered by talented florists Madeline Moore and Kate Shannon. You can see a lot of greenery on the tables with an addition of berries and flowers. And of course the bridal bouquet that looks absolutely chic with Laurie's gown. She wore Carol Hannah's Kensington skirt, which she bought at Lovely Bride SF. One of the bridesmaids helped with natural makeup, and hairstyle was created by specialists from Blo in San Francisco. As an accessory she picked up floral crown that made her to look very special!

Bridesmaids dresses were various but in one general boho chic style, and their heads were covered by greenery crowns. Looks excellent!

Now you can scroll down to see stunning photos which were made by photographer Jenn Emerling from YEAH! weddings. Get the positive vibes and find your inspiration!

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