21 Whimsical Circus Wedding Theme Ideas - Weddingomania

21 Whimsical Circus Wedding Theme Ideas - Weddingomania


If you're ready for a funny and creative wedding day and don't wanna a classic one, take a look at the circus theme. There are so many unique ideas that you'll wanna repeat them immediately. So if you and your partner are big fans of bright colors, flashing lights, funny decor details, then you're absolutely right when you've decided to pick up this theme. In this article I wanna show how to decorate your venue, add circus themed details into your looks and create an entertainment according to this theme for your guests.

To set the right mood for your guests create vintage circus styled invitations. All you need is to copy old circus posters, there are so many types of them in Internet, so you can easily find a perfect one for you. And of course don't forget about various posters and decorate by them your venue.
Many couples who choose this theme create a special arch for the ceremony. You can make it using red velvet or red and black striped fabric and create a sign "circus" on top of the arch. After the ceremony you can use it as a backdrop for your photo session with family and friends.

What about table decor? Choose gold, bright pink, red and creme color plates, vases, candle holders and add a lot of flowers. You can also create small carousel decor or find carousel styled candle holders.

Pay your attention to choice of sweets, for them you can make a candy bar and place candies, peanuts, lollipops, cupcakes and other desserts there. Use your imagination and ask your baker to create an original and incredible wedding cake with funny cake toppers and several various decorating tiers.

Now you can scroll down to see other wonderful ideas for your wedding day. Enjoy and get inspired!

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