Romantic Southern Orchard Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania

Romantic Southern Orchard Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania


This wedding shoot was take outside Atlanta, Georgia, and it's full of wonderful ideas for everyone who loves moody weddings. The shoot was done in the shades of blue and grey, which is non-typical for southern weddings but it looks very cool and delicate.

Rustic Georgia sceneries became a cool contrasting backdrop for the beautiful couple and table setting. I love the couple's outfits very much, they look trendy and very chic. The bride was wearing a cool bridal separate with a grey tulle skirt and a white lace top. The groom looked edgy in a checked blue suit with a white flowers boutonniere, groom, take notes!

The table setting was done in blue shades and with peaches, which are the symbol of Georgia. The table runner is greenery with white flowers, it looks lush and fresh. The dishes and cups are of blue porcelain, very delicate and romantic. I also love the idea of placing green and blue glasses, which complement the décor. The tables are decorated with glass frosted signs and quotes, and that brings a modern feel to the wedding décor.

The dessert table is rustic and vintage, and a home fruit pie and peaches in crates are a wonderful and homey idea for every nuptials. The bridal bouquet is delicate in ivory, blush, white, it looks very textural and unusual and dusty pink ribbon adds softness to the look. It echoes with the table runner, which is made of greenery and with the same white flowers.

Get inspired by the pics below and feel the southern charm!

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