Your October Beauty Horoscope

Your October Beauty Horoscope


With Halloween just around the corner, it's easy to believe hobgoblins, imps and elves are tucked around every corner just waiting to trip you up. We get it; there's something a little spooky about cooler days, longer nights and trees shaking off their leaves. But trust us, there's nothing to fear but fear itself (except, perhaps, running out of your favorite fall lipstick shade). Everything else is a hairflip, especially since you're about to read a confidence-boosting beauty forecast for October. Walk tall, and shine on, ladies!


It's finally your time. You've spent lots of energy over the past month making sure the people around you are okay, and that's a beautiful thing. But now, it's time to treat yourself, and a relaxing bubble bath is the perfect way to practice self-love. Whatever you do, don't feel guilty about being good to yourself-you're just leading by example so others will do the same.


Dear Scorpio, you have an unfair reputation for being thin-skinned. But right now, it might seem especially difficult to tell whether people are coming at you strangely or you're getting hung up on things unnecessarily. It could be a little bit of both, but what's important is that you allow yourself to become more shadowy this month so you have time to consider how to respond to what's coming your way before it arrives full force. And a blurred eye shadow look just might be the perfect complement to this mysterious aura.


Over the past few weeks, you've had the urge to bolt out of bed and get into some adventure. You've got a special kind of energy that's worth getting out into the world and sharing. Days are moving at a different pace for you, and you haven't got time to labor in the mirror for hours just to let your light shine, which is why an illuminating stick is your perfect companion on what is sure to be a wild ride this month. Ready, set, glow!


You're hitting your stride now, Capricorn, and everything you touch seems to blossom. You are the queen of your domain, and what a lovely domain it is! We wouldn't be surprised if strangers shower you with flowers as you pass on your commute. But even if they don't, a dark floral mani would still be an appropriate sign of the sophisticated way you've managed to make this beautiful world work for you.


Props to you and your #squad for making major moves this month. You've been leading the charge with grace, and your people have been right behind you, trusting your vision. Now would be the perfect time to retreat with a spa day for you and your girls. You've reached a summit of sorts, but there's still a little more to go. Take this time to recharge and reconnect. You'll thank yourself later.


Great job asserting yourself this month and pushing to make your dreams a reality. But as they say, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Since you're likely a little short on time this month, you'll benefit from a few time-saving products that will keep your makeup game on the up & up, while you continue to get down to business. By the way, keep up the good #werk.


The world is a messy place, and your perfectionism might be getting the best of you this month. But knowing you, Aries, you're not likely to simply rock a messy topknot, and move on with your day. That's why we're offering a compromise with statement brows and lips that let you look as fierce as you like with much less effort. Just try it. No pressure.


You're probably feeling pretty great about yourself right now, and your swagger is likely turned all the way up. Even if you're just making dinner for a night at home, you're like, really doing it. So go ahead and celebrate yourself by going for the (rose) gold. People need to know they're dealing with a champ, so put the 'petal' to the 'medal.'


Of all the signs, you're blessed with the ability to go in two different directions at once. And yet, even you might be wondering which way to go right now. Our advice? Get back to the basics and your answers will come. While you're waiting, try your hand at a little nail art for beginners. You're sure to put your own twist on it. Plus, no matter where you end up, adding a little flair to your repertoire will make the journey that much better.


There's a little voice in your head telling you to play it safe and not take too many chances. Don't listen! For some reason, that little voice wants to keep you from greatness. In fact, now is the perfect time to make some bold moves like wearing blue lipstick and rocking orange blush. We can't think of a better way to tell that little voice to put a lid on it, while claiming the glory you deserve.


One thing we love about you is that you're never afraid to make waves. And this month is a great opportunity to be as bold as ever. Vampy lips should be in regular rotation for you over the next few weeks. In a lot of ways, it's the perfect representation of your personality: dynamic and super hot.

Okay, no more running. It's time to embrace your natural complexity. It's part of what makes you so captivating and fun. And just because you're saying 'yes' to your wilder side doesn't mean you have to go off the rails. For example, a two-toned eye shadow sends a strong message that you know the rules of the game, and you're still going to play it your way. Take the field-we're all cheering you on.

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