Edgy Wedding Shoot With Bold, Colorful Touches - Weddingomania

Edgy Wedding Shoot With Bold, Colorful Touches - Weddingomania


Looking for modern wedding ideas? What would you say to modern, even minimalist, wedding with bold touches? If you like the idea, here's a fantastic wedding shoot in minimalist style with a lot of colorful touches that spruce it up.

The concept for this artsy wedding editorial came to Aimee Siegel one day while perusing the colored acrylic boxes at The Container Store. She just knew the geometric shapes and color scheme had to find their way into an event. Nashville Craft ended up being the perfect place for Lotus Blossom Photography to capture Aimee's vision.

The designers wanted that to be a focus of this shoot: budget-friendly, but gorgeously unique and creative ways to make focal points of florals and design for weddings. A single, gloriously sculptural, red ranunculus in a colorful container can go a long, long way!

The bride was wearing a high low wedding dress with a plunging neckline, emerald shoes and a bold red lip for a statement. The groom was rocking a simple black tux but the boutonniere was a unique one: a white piece with a single billy ball.

I totally love the idea of using geometric shapes and bold colors all over. Colorful geometric vases, stationery, place cards, even cakes are done in such a style. The cakes are worth mentioning: these are cute colorful cubes, two small ones and a big one, with dripping and flowers, they really fit the style.

This is a nice source of inspiration for those of you who are looking for a way to blend modern aesthetics and bold shades in one with style.

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