Colorful Woodland Inspired Fiesta Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania

Colorful Woodland Inspired Fiesta Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania


In a beautiful Yorkshire woodland setting, today's fiesta took place on the UK's brightest day. With an intimate three acres of woodland in Leeds, Applewood provided this creative team with the perfect backdrop for this outdoor wedding shoot.

This styled shoot that was bold, full of color and a lot of fun-they quickly opted for a summery fiesta theme that would provide the perfect inspiration for those laid-back brides out there. They made the most of the venue's woodland walks, ceremony area, cocktail shed and decking. The way-finding signage pictured throughout the shoot was also the perfect way to tell the 'story' of the day.

The fiesta look is quite laid-back and is the perfect theme for adding splashes of bright primary colors amongst more traditional and neutral tones. Whimsical Events adorned the trees with festive crepe streamers and hand-made tissue paper pompoms that bounced around excitedly in the wind.

Applewood's cocktail shed and decking area were dressed up with more of these pompoms as well as fruity paper pineapples. Little details were important too. A string of pink Flamingo fairy lights injected some light-hearted fun into back of the shed. Both the bar and tables were decorated with vibrant food objects and party cocktails.

Not for the traditional, the three tier cake boasted every color of the rainbow. The eccentric base, which looked like it had been caught in the middle of a paint party, juxtaposed with an elegant top tier arrangement of icing flowers and ribbons. Whilst the woodland fiesta was further beautified by the wildly romantic British flowers; locally grown, cut and arranged by Owl House Flowers. Organic, colorful and relaxed in style, the bouquet and arrangements fit in with the theme just perfectly.

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