Geometric Woodland Wedding With A Navajo Feel - Weddingomania

Geometric Woodland Wedding With A Navajo Feel - Weddingomania


Today we are being treated to some gorgeous images from an inspiration shoot held in the autumn. Set in Moors Valley Country Park, Dorset, this boho geometric woodland shoot is full of cute and quirky touches, Native American styling and bold modern shapes. A real mix of styles and themes, it just demonstrates that you can really use everything you love for inspiration, even if they don't traditionally go together!

This is a modern take on the boho woodland wedding with natural and native American elements, offset against bright and clean edged geometric shapes. This mix creates a modern contemporary twist and raises it from being a standard woodland theme.

At this time of year nature really does a lot of the work for you, so the designers really wanted to make use of all of the beautiful autumn colors and scenery. They chose a woodland backdrop, which they thought would be perfectly complimented by natural Navajo elements, such as the feather hair pieces and foraged and found bouquets. Besides, the couple tried Navajo-inspired looks and makeup for the shoot, it looked cool. To add a contemporary twist but keeping with the Navajo feel, they took colors and geometrics from within their textiles and brought them to life through 3D shapes and bright florals.

The aim was to take components from two popular but very different wedding styles and bring them together to form one powerful overarching theme. We are really happy with the outcome as we feel all of the elements sit well together and offer something new and exciting that will hopefully inspire couples planning their big day.

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