38 Stylish And Eye-Catchy Spring Groom Looks - Weddingomania

38 Stylish And Eye-Catchy Spring Groom Looks - Weddingomania


Getting ready for a spring wedding? I have some cool ideas for you! today I'd like to share some chic groom's style ideas for spring nuptials. Groom's look is no less important than a bride's one, and if you are having a gay wedding, both grooms should look amazing. A spring groom's look should be refreshing just as the whole wedding and bridal look. it depends on the style and weather: rustic and relaxed, formal and elegant, modern or vintage and weather, which can be a bit chilly or warm. Let's consider the most trendy and chic options.

No Jacket Groom Looks

If it's warm or even hot, and you don't want to sweat too much, your idea is a no jacket look. You can go for a vest or just some suspenders. Rock a light grey or tan vest and pants, a white shirt and some fresh-colored tie: a mint, a blush, a blue or a cheerful yellow bow tie. Another idea is to wear a colorful shirt: a mint, a blue or ivory one, and some suspenders of a different color. Rock a cute tie or bow tie in various pastel shades or other colors.

Looks With Dark Suits

If you want a classic black tux or at least a dark suit, why not take a black or a navy one? it can be with a vest or white, and it's timeless and elegant, such a look fits almost any wedding style. Rock a contrasting vest and tie, it may be of some neutral or pastel color. What you really need is a cool and refreshing boutonniere, made of fresh greenery and white or ivory flowers.

Looks With Light-Colored Suits

Light-colored suits just scream spring! That's why it's such a perfect choice for your spring wedding. Light grey, blue, cream, ivory, mint are great colors for spring groom's attire. Add a white or a pastel shirt and some cool tie or bow tie in the colors that you like. Your boutonniere can be colorful and bold, with fresh flowers and greenery, and take a matching tie or bow tie.

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