Galia Lahav 2017 Bridal Collection: Le Secret Royal II - Weddingomania

Galia Lahav 2017 Bridal Collection: Le Secret Royal II - Weddingomania


Once you see this brand new collection of Galia Lahav wedding dresses, you're going to want one (or all) of these gowns!

Describing this parade of bridal dresses merely as "beautiful" is a serious understatement. With plenty of elegance and an abundance of drama, Le Secret Royal II 2017 Bridal Collection is filled with one breathtaking wedding dress after another. Exquisite feminine silhouettes, sublime lace detailing and goddess vibes - How can one not fall breathlessly in love with a collection this pretty? As the dresses are bountiful in silk tulle embroideries and chantilly lace, this is a collection for true queens-at-heart.

This collection was created from starts to express deep love for couture garments, through extravagant silhouettes, floral and petal details expressed in its decorative design, warm earth tones and tonic rose blush shades. It was solely inspired by the royals; by their essence, poise, and mostly, their secretive lives.

Every detail is unique, and every dress is incredibly sexy: some of them have plunging necklines, others are backless, and some of them are with cutouts or high slits. The collection is dedicated to spring and summer, there are a lot of floral details and appliques, and some of them are of different colors to stand out. There's much beading and rhinestones that will make you sparkle, illusion backs and necklines will help you to look super sexy but decent at the same time, and you will definitely look royal, all you need is just a pair of gorgeous shoes.

If you want to stand out on your big day and catch everybody's eye, this collection is definitely for you!

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