Pantone's 2017 Color: 28 Greenery Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

Pantone's 2017 Color: 28 Greenery Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


Pantone has already announced 2017 color of the year, and it's greenery - a shade between green and yellow, rather bold and light, zesty and almost neon. This color is rather special, because of its boldness, you should decorate with it carefully and if you are choosing it for your wedding, you need some ideas to pull the whole thing off.

Greenery shade is ideal for spring and summer weddings: it's bold and fresh and will look great. You may also use it for any kind of tropical wedding all year round, it's one of the jungle colors. Greenery isn't the color that will look amazing with any other but you can create some nice combos with crispy white or light grey that will look contrasting and cute. Don't use too much of greenery because it's whimsy and eye-catching, keep it simple and stylish. If you want to rock something contrasting, I'd recommend bold blue, navy, red, yellow or fuchsia, they will catch everybody's eye. Black and white with greenery touches will look fresh and modern. You needn't much of this color not to look tasteless, just some details here and there will keep you in trend and won't get too bold décor. Let's have a look what details and touches you may add to have a super trendy wedding in 2017!

What To Wear

We recommend not to experiment wearing a greenery color wedding dress but to keep it more traditional and just go for accents like shoes or a statement necklace, otherwise you rick to look tasteless. Dress up your bridesmaids in this color if they don't mind, add a couple of touches to your groom's look: a boutonniere, a tie or a bow tie. Style is in details, and you'll have the trendiest ones!


The florals is right the thing that will give your décor the trendy color without looking too bold or too much. Such a bold refreshing shade will give your décor a cool fresh spring or summer look, or highlight your tropical theme. There's a wide range of flowers in this shade, so you will easily find what you like, and to add a citrus feel you can even incorporate limes or lemons into your bouquets, today you can see even such whimsical bouquets, too.


As for décor, you can try lining up the aisle with greenery-colored flowers or tulle fabric. Decorate your tables with greenery centerpieces, glassware, placemats or glass plates. Accentuate the setting with lime green ribbon and candle holders. Create contrasting combos with navy or hot pink and greenery, or just go for crispy white or ivory with greenery accents but keep in mind that crispy white will look fresher.


As for food, go lime to keep your food in the theme! Make lime and pistachio cakes and cupcakes, lime macarons, popsicles, cheesecakes, they will refresh your guests and excite them with an amazing taste! You can also make lime cocktails of any kind, they are perfect for any spring or summer wedding and have an amazing refreshing taste.

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