34 Spring Wedding Stationary Ideas That Inspire - Weddingomania

34 Spring Wedding Stationary Ideas That Inspire - Weddingomania


When getting ready for a wedding, every detail is important. Your decor, your look, the venue, table settings and even such simple thing as stationary. Wedding stationary can give special chic to any table decor and just wedding decor, so choose it carefully, too.
If you are having a wedding this spring, you are sending your wedding invites already and if you are puzzling over their design, today's roundup is right for you. Wedding stationary including invitations can hint on your wedding style and show the colors, they may inspire and reveal something about your big day. That's why it's important that your invitations reflected the wedding style and colors somehow, so today we are sharing the most popular ideas for a spring affair.


Pastels are truly spring colors, it's so pleasant to see them after pale winter shades. Pastels give a spring feeling to everything, from attire to décor and of course your spring wedding stationary will look adorable in such delicate shades. blush, rose quartz, serenity blue, light green or soft yellow - choose just a couple of them or just one, add refined calligraphy and maybe a rough edge for a chic look. The envelopes can be of a different shade or of the same, and you can also go for floral or botanical lining.


Flower prints are very traditional for spring and summer as blooms express that amazing spring feel like nothing else. They can be pastel or bold and colorful, you may use any blooms but we recommend to choose flowers that you are going to use for your wedding décor and the same colors. Flowers look beautiful with neutrals and pastels, especially if you've chosen bold blooms. You can also add herbs and greenery prints if you want.

Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are another feature that is characteristic of spring. These can be leaves, herbs, various foliage and so on. Mixed with pastels or neutrals, with dusty shades, your stationary will look amazing. It can be also done in rustic theme, with kraft paper and twine, and you can even attach some fresh greenery or herbs to the invites to make them really special.

Modern Prints

If you are planning a modern wedding, rock stationary with the same flavor. Geometric prints or various kinds, geo shapes of the invites, marble looks and metallic accents are right what you need, they will look stylish and very refined.

Other Ideas

If you aren't sure about design, go neutrals and calligraphy or just keep your wedding colors, it always works. Light grey, off-whites, beige and other shades like that look cool with calligraphy, even without prints of any kind. Watercolor stationary is very popular for spring and summer affairs, and rustic kraft paper, too. Get more ideas below!

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