36 Trendy And Glam Metallic Wedding Cakes - Weddingomania

36 Trendy And Glam Metallic Wedding Cakes - Weddingomania


Metallic wedding cakes became popular several years ago, and since then they are only gaining popularity. Metallic décor is absolutely universal and can easily match a lot of wedding themes and styles, and the same can be said about wedding cakes. They look modern, hot and a bit glam due to the metallic shine, whatever type of cake you choose. Let's have a look at the most requested options to get you inspired.

Completely Metallic Cakes

This is pure glam as it is! Copper, gold, silver shining brightly on your cake will attract everybody's attention and make them wonder if the cake is as tasty as it looks. Choose a shade of metal that fits your wedding theme perfectly and go for it covering your cake in a sleek or messy way to create some texture. As drip wedding cakes are a huge trend now, you can also try a metallic wedding cake with some chocolate drip that differs in color.

One Or Several Metallic Tiers

The most frequently requested option from metallic wedding cakes is a cake with one or several layers of some metallic shade. If you want silver, the best pair will be pure white or some marble grey, if you are eager to have a gold layer, you can rock lots of ideas from ivory, black and blush to navy, pink or mint, and if you are looking for a copper tier, then ivory, black, mint or even blue are right what you need. The idea is the contrast between the look of the tiers, plain white ones with shiny copper and some blackberries look stunning, fresh and modern, for example. A crispy white cake with silver parts and pure white flowers is real sophistication, and a naked chocolate cake with copper ties and copper drip is a unique quirky piece.

Metallic Leaf Wedding Cakes

If you consider a whole tier or a whole metallic cake too much, then try just gold leaf décor. Due to not much metal in décor, it looks simpler, more relaxed yet absolutely refined. You can go for a part of the cake covered with a metallic shade, some brushstrokes here and there or even some vertical stripes of metal. Here you have much more options for the cake itself but the favorite ones are marble cakes and just plain ivory or white ones because they look really chic. Find your own perfection!

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