Wedding Catering Trends: 4 Food Bar Types You Need To Try - Weddingomania

Wedding Catering Trends: 4 Food Bar Types You Need To Try - Weddingomania


There are many food trends for weddings now, and you can actually serve almost anything, from burgers to exotic Brazilian cuisine, everything is up to you, your location and wedding style. I'd like to share some fresh catering trends that will not only feed your guests the best way possible but also will save your money.

Donut Bar

This is one of the hottest trends now because everybody loves donuts, they are very affordable and can substitute any other desserts: cake pops, cupcakes and even your wedding cake. Besides, every guest will be able to choose what he or she likes most of all and feel cozy and comfy with that. Decorate and organize your bar so that it matched your wedding theme and style: glitter and blooms for a glam wedding, crates and baskets for a rustic wedding, or just go for hanging donuts on hooks - it's a very popular idea! You can also use this idea for a bridal or a baby shower, it's always actual.

Pretzel Bar

This is a new and fresh idea that is gaining popularity now, it's unusual and many guests will like it a lot comparing to usual pizza or slider bars. Hang pretzels or place them into baskets or drawers and place dipping sauces next to them, your guests will like it! Your pretzel station can be also decorated the way you like: rustic, glam, modern or any other, just look for creative ideas on the web.

Cookie Bar

Cookies are tasty and everybody loves them! The good thing is that you can bake them yourself for everyone and use as many tastes as you want, so you will save your budget a lot. You can display them in drawers, baskets, jars, boxes, on plates, stands and dishes - everything is up to you and your wedding style. Make a milk and cookie bar to make your guests even happier, and they will appreciate it!

S'mores Bar

This is a timeless idea that will never go out of style because we can't live without s'mores - not only in the fall or winter, they are always actual. The main advantage of such a bar is that it's a great conversation starter and it will help your guests to meet each other for sure. There are many ways to decorate such a bar, and you can see some of them in the pictures, whether it's an outdoor or an indoor bar, it will be gorgeous! Opt for a double-sided one to accomodate more people and let them enjoy the conversation. Look at the pics to get inspired!

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